May 17, 2012 MQQN Cafe celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
May 17, 1991, the first MQQN Cafe was two buildings down and opened as a 50s style diner.
It had a Seeburg jukebox that customers could select to play music from right at their table and the cooking are was a closed kitchen style environment. I think there used to be more seating though.
Initially, the counter was non-smoking only but at the time only the smoking section would be full and a lot of customers would ask, "Why is the counter seating open?!" So, we decided to make all seating available to smokers.
That was how it was until recently when the new law passed in Yokohama prohibiting smoking and we happily changed all indoor seating to a non-smoking environment.
July 13, 1996 in its current location, we reopened the cafe as a 60s style Coffee Shop.
Time has passed so fast and now it's been 20 years.
20 years of food and beverage service takes a different hustle compared to 20 years of retail service.
The current cafe manager is Gin Maeda, the first manager was E. To along with first generation part-timer Goshu.
We are currently working on something special for the MQQN Cafe 20th Anniversary so stay tuned!!

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