Gentlemen start your engines!--

In Honor of Bud Ekins. Motorcycle Cannonball Coast to Coast Antique Motorcycle Race.

This year's Cannonball we are honored to dedicate to our friend Bud Ekins. Aside from an accomplished racer and stuntman, Bud loved pre-1916 motorcycles and rode them every chance he got. He always encouraged me to make the cannonball a reality. He was a pioneer, a hero, and just one of the guys.

Pope, Sears, Flying Merkel, Excelsior, Henderson, Indian, Triumph, and the Harley-Davidson’s Silent Grey Fellows. These are but a few of the vintage, pre-1916 motorcycles that will be thumping their way across these great United States for the Motorcycle Cannonball endurance run in September 2010. Riders will virtually dip their tread in the salty waters of the East Coast’s Atlantic Ocean as the officials wave the green flag, then come to rest some 3,320 miles later, at the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean’s West Coast.

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