A complex and intriguing personality, Roberto Rossi lives in that poorly inhabited limbo where exceptional technical skill and sophisticated creativity meet each other, resulting in a new alchemy that translates into motorcycles.
His attraction for the mechanical rationality of the engine is matched by an excellent taste for Beauty, which becomes almost visionary in the moment that comes before creation.

Roberto's passion for motorcycles developed early, almost genetically handed down from his father. A keen collector of rare vintage models, his father introduced him to the history of car and motorcycle design, which Roberto then nurtured on his own over the years.

Endowed with an instinctive technical skill, Roberto's love for bikes found fulfilment in 1995 when, after a long pregnancy, he and his sister Giovanna finally opened a Harley-Davidson dealership, the Harley-Davidson Numero Uno Mantova, in a lovely farmhouse. Here, amid the tranquil countryside near Mantua, Roberto started to build unique models with outstanding skill and almost tailor-like taste: he personally chooses every single detail with great care, creating innovative models born from his ability to identify himself with his fortunate customers.

Today Roberto Rossi is unanimously considered one of the most talented motorcycle designers all over the world. His creations, which appear in the most prestigious Italian and international press, stand out for their exclusive style and design. This is the reason why Roberto's motorcycles can be found in the homes of important celebrities from the world of fashion, the show-business and the movie industry.

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