5 DEC 2010 (Sunday)
Hot Rod City, Yokohama, Japan
at the Pacifico Yokohama International Exhibition Hall
19th Annual YOKOHAMA HOT ROD Custom Show 2010

Feels early to announce? Not so, December will be here before you know it and MOONEYES always begins in early Spring as there's much work to do in the pre-stage of planning. This year
is no exception with huge names in the industry and stunning cars that are already lined up.

A year in the making, maybe more. MOONEYES has been in contact with two very talented fine artists. Both of them are in their own league and one was a fundamental ingredient to the Low Brow Art movement and created ART JUXTAPOZ magazine. Both are married, both are hot rod enthusiasts, and both are life-long car lovers. We are talking about Suzanne Williams, a contemporary fine artist of abstract expressionism with symmetrical balance work and '34 Ford Tudor Sedan owner and Robert Williams, a living legend in the Kustom Kulture movement, Low Brow mastermind artist that bridges the gap of realism and surrealism and owner of a '32 Ford Roadster painted in the scheme of his childhood memories of circle track racing in the south. Both artists and both cars will be at HCS2010. That's not all! There are big plans for this occasion. One is a Preview of sorts to what will be featured and exhibited at the show in December. The show in December will feature a large exhibition of artworks from both artists as well as people in the industry that have been influenced by them. It is aTribute to Robert Williams. The Preview of a Tribute to Robert Williams will be held at MOONEYES Area-1 in August 2010. Stick around for more details to come!
Suzanne Willams (left) & Robert Williams (right) pose with their cars.
Photo used in MIM#5 which features a brief article on their life and art.

Cost Foster and drop dead perfect '36 Ford Coupe Custom
Built for Metallica band member Kirk Hammett, the "MetalliCoupe" will be here in miles deep black for all to drool over.

Duane Ballard from DB Custom Leather with TWO of his Honda Choppers

All of these tentative guests and show cars/bikes have been featured in the most recent release of
MOON ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE Vol. 5. For better details, be sure to pick up your copy today! MIM#5 is available for order at our online store or directly at our shop but here in Japan and in Santa Fe Springs, California as well.

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